FHFHFarmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry
FHFHFort Hood Family Housing (Fort Hood, TX)
FHFHFlatirons Habitat for Humanity (Boulder, CO)
FHFHFoothills Habitat for Humanity (Roseville, CA)
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Promote the program so that people can learn about FHFH and become involved as supporters and/or volunteers.
Third: Miguel Encamacion, Fort Hood Family Housing, FHFH
Besides feeding hungry families, reducing deer numbers, and increasing recreational hunting days, Maryland's FHFH program inspires other economic benefits.
FHFH is a non-profit organization that helps hunters return to their food-provider heritage by transforming hunter harvests into tasty, nutritious meals for those in need across the country.
Winand, and Bowhunter Magazine for its continued support of FHFH.
At the same time as the FHFH hunt, Rupe's 39-year old brother, Danny, was dying of cancer.
This Fall, every federal/state/local employee will have the opportunity to select FHFH through his or her payroll deduction plan.
Over the past 6 years, FHFH is credited with serving up 12,000,000 venison meals to the hungry
If you donate $20, you will receive a free FHFH cap in Mossy Oak camo.
FHFH are the good guys helping to feed needy people everywhere.