FHLSForest Hills Lutheran School
FHLSFlorida Health Literacy Study
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Significant interactions were found between adherence and FHL (p = 0.0069).
Conclusion: Findings from this study fill an existing gap in the important area of health literacy among PLWH in Puerto Rico and highlight the importance of conducting future research geared towards incorporating FHL as an essential component in the management of adherence as well as in both symptoms and the management of same in PLWH.
Almost half of all participants (47%) showed marginal or inadequate levels of FHL (21.5%, n = 23; 25.50%, n = 51, respectively).
Further research is needed to understand these disparate findings related to FHL and adherence.
What's more, FHLs are treated as trades for some tax purposes, so have a number of advantages over other types of lettings.
As an example, you might own a portfolio of six FHLs and, with retirement just around the corner, wish to sell two of them, while keeping the remaining properties as longer term investments.
In other words, you would have to show that the two FHLs were very different to the remaining four properties to qualify for the relief.
Like the lotus eaters of Homer's Odyssey, it's clear to see how investors in FHLs could be lured into a dangerous state of contentment when it comes to their tax affairs, with many people unaware of what HMRC could have in store (and the organisation doesn't exactly go out of it way to clarify its position on Entrepreneurs' Relief).
This study has been approved by the ethics committee of Faculty of Health and Life Sciences (FHLS), Management and Science University (MSU), Shah Alam, Malaysia.
He announced he is changing qualification for the Furnished Holiday Lettings (FHL) relief by increasing the number of days accommodation must be rented out for from 70 to 105 a year.