FHOSFirst Home Owners Scheme (First Home Owners Boost Administration; Australia)
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The FHOS is now considered a catalyst for growth in the housing market.
Besides FHOS, customers also can take advantage of our standard home loan product.
The bulk of FHOS assistance goes to households with above average-incomes, who might otherwise have purchased a house before too long, even without assistance.
In other words, the FHOS has done little to improve affordability for average to low-income earners while providing an additional source of capital that 'serve[s] primarily to stimulate housing demand' (Berry & Dalton 2004: 89).
It is noteworthy that in its 2004 report into First Home Ownership, the Productivity Commission (2004: xxxi, 71-72) observed that for a variety of reasons, the FHOS has been a comparatively minor contributor to house price inflation.
The flexor hinge orthosis (FHO) was originally designed to restore upper-limb function of persons with poliomyelitis [9].
The ratchet FHO is designed to push a ratchet lever until the fingers reach the desired position [11].
Two external power sources, compressed carbon dioxide (C[O.sub.2]) gas or an electric motor, can also substitute for paralyzed wrist extensors in a second variation of the FHO. The C[O.sub.2] gas is used to inflate an artificial muscle, also referred to as the Mckibben muscle, which consists of an inner rubber tube and an outer helically woven fabric [13].
Finally, the Bowden cable system can be incorporated to activate three-point prehension in the shoulder harness-driven FHO [12].
This study excludes these four FHO variations because of their complexity [17].
The protest at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, is in reaction to government plans to end the policy of allowing foundation house officers (FHO) to live free in hospital accommodation.
This substantial increase in housing prices meant that, for low-income households, the FHOS grant invariably did not alleviate housing stress.