FHPCFlorida Hospices and Palliative Care (Tallahassee, FL)
FHPCForce Health Protection Conference (US Army)
FHPCFletcher Hills Presbyterian Church (El Cajon, CA)
FHPCFood, Health, and Personal Care (TruMart; Piramyd Megastores; India)
FHPCForce Health Protection Council (US DoD, health affairs)
FHPCFamily Health Plan Cooperative (Milwaukee, WI)
FHPCFederal Homeowner Preservation Corporation (Bank of America proposal)
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To further compound FHPC's headaches, its market share for domestic paperboard was down to 25% from about 35% through most of the 1980s.
FHPC produces a broad line of paperboard in large reels, termed parent rolls.
Forest Hill Paper Company (FHPC) is a small, closely held paperboard manufacturer that has been struggling with a number of strategic issues facing a capital-intensive, mature industry.
Your consulting team will produce a 15-minute video directed to FHPC's Board of Directors.
The theoretical values of the preferential adsorption coefficients were calculated according to the FHPC model from Eqs.
Figure 1a and b plot graphically the theoretical values of the preferential adsorption coefficients calculated according to the FHPC model, with the partial specific volume of PSFQs, [v.sub.3] = [V.sub.3]/[m.sub.0], and the molar volume ratio of solvents, s = [V.sub.1]/[V.sub.2], from Table 5.
Also, the combination of both FHPC and AE models provides a new parameter, called excess function, [DELTA.sub.gij,] that serves to correct the contribution of all possible binary interactions established between the components of the systems (Eq.
In this context, the differences observed between the experimental and theoretical data obtained by the FHPC model (Fig.