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FHRFetal Heart Rate
FHRFirst Hour Rating (hot water heater performance)
FHRFirefox Health Report (Mozilla)
FHRFoundation for Human Rights
FHRFührer (German: Leader)
FHRFaster Hit Recovery (Diablo II gaming)
FHRFachhochschule Regensburg (Regensburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany)
FHRFellowship Health Resources (various locations; behavioral health organization)
FHRFoundation Hospital Rajana (Pakistan)
FHRFair Hearing Request (various locations)
FHRFederal Halocarbon Regulations (Canada)
FHRFixed Hierarchical Routing
FHRFire Hose Rack
FHRFlight Hotel Reservations (UK)
FHRFailed Host Recovery
FHRFriendship Honor Respect (gaming clan)
FHRFlint Hills Resources, PL (Kansas)
FHRFlorida House of Representatives
FHRFreedom House Ranking (watchdog organization ranking)
FHRFarmhouse Rattery (breeding)
FHRFatHead Racing (Dallas, TX)
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116) delves into the challenging issue of Category II FHR tracings.
First, the UP and FHR signals are very noisy, especially when collected under clinical conditions, as is the case for our data.
The patients were carefully watched for progress of labour and were strictly monitored for FHR with sonicaid and CTG.
Certified FHR and EF Ratings HPWH Operating Energy First Hour Rating Tested Mode* Factor (Gallons/Liters) Hybrid 2.33 68/258 Mfr A Efficiency 2.40 51/194 All 0.88 66/251 Resistance Mfr B Hybrid 2.35 63/239 Hybrid Not 73/277 reported Mfr C Efficiency 2.0 67/255 * Modes without published information are not listed.
Our study has shown that although there was no difference in the fetal heart rate baseline or number of accelerations due to mobile phone exposure, the FHR showed higher amplitude of rise while the pregnant women were talking on the mobile phone than while the phone was switched off.
Six antigenically FH-related proteins (FHRs) have been found in the human body, and they all are composed of SCR domains (18,19).
The IR100 FHR spectrometer system is an extremely compact, affordable FTIR that is ideal for teaching and routine testing.
Ueber eine charakteristische eigenthhmlichkeit in der form des weiblichen sch@dels, Archiv fhr Anthropologie (1866) 1:81-88.
Mrs Hicks, who works with her husband at train design and refurbishment firm Railcare, in Longford, Coventry, said that the car, registration number S870 FHR, had still not been found.
The OxiFirst Fetal Oxygen Saturation Monitoring System was approved by the Food and Drug Administration as an adjunct to conventional electronic fetal heart rate (FHR) monitoring in cases where the FHR is nonreassuring.