FHRAFinnish Hot Rod Association
FHRAFluid Handling Representatives Association (est. 1975)
FHRAFargo Housing and Redevelopment Authority (est. 1969; Fargo, ND)
FHRAFederation of Hotel and Restaurant Associations
FHRAFederal Heights Redevelopment Agency (Colorado)
FHRAFinancial Human Resource Association (Pewaukee, WI)
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Product for distribution to local markets can come into the FHRA North Pole terminal by truck or rail.
2008) (noting that O'Loughlin "did not find that the FHRA prohibited pregnancy discrimination; rather, O'Loughlin held that the FHRA did not cover pregnancy discrimination and therefore was preempted by Title VII").
After-Action Report, "Eighth Air Force: Tactical Operations in Support of Allied Landings in Normandy, 2June-17 June 1944," 9, FHRA, file no.