FHRCFlood Hazard Research Centre (UK)
FHRCFiji Human Rights Commission (est. 1997)
FHRCFlex Hose Rotary Coupler
FHRCFair Housing Resource Center (various locations)
FHRCFremantle Harness Racing Club (Australia)
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Together with our presence at the Open Campus IPSEN site, the FHRC integration will further establish our presence in the Paris Saclay science cluster and allow us to benefit from the innovation in this region in complement to that of our Dijon site.
News of the grant drew complaints from critics who allege that FHRC has little experience with such grants and point to the warm relations between CANF and the Obama administration.
The constitutional Bill of Rights has not been revived, and despite the revival of the Fiji Human Rights Commission (FHRC) by decree, the FHRC is prohibited from investigating the abrogation of the constitution and the actions of the de facto government and security forces.