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FHSAFederal Hazardous Substances Act
FHSAFirst Home Saver Account (Australia)
FHSAFamily Health Service Authority
FHSAFamily History Society of Arizona
FHSAFlorida Home Studies and Adoption
FHSAFederal Highway Safety Act
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For example, rules issued under the FFA preempt nonidentical "standards or regulations," (256) rules issued under the PPPA preempt nonidentical "special packaging standards," (257) and rules issued under the FHSA preempt nonidentical "requirements.
It can now require recalls for products that violate FHSA or other CPSC-administered standards and has more power as to the details of mandatory corrective action plans.
36) In any event, Medtronic should permit a plaintiff to bring a state law cause of action for failure to comply with FHSA labeling requirements.
Almost a year later, in May 1993, the FHSA received yet another written complaint about Dr Lustman - but it was five months before health chiefs decided to take any action.
The practice must demonstrate to the FHSA that it can effectively collect, analyze, and draw meaningful conclusions about activities that are likely to put pressure on the budget.
In addition, the crayons were mislabeled art materials under the Labeling of Hazardous Art Materials Act amendments to the FHSA (15).
The Calderdale FHSA suggested GPs for the exploratory interviews in stage 1.
Stopford also reported that FHSA requires that most products with 10% or more hydrocarbon content must have childproof caps and that writing instruments are not covered.
Failure to meet the labeling requirements of the FHSA or the packaging requirements of the PPA, results in a product being deemed "misbranded.
But the FHSA provides that the Commission may exempt certain products when by reason of their function they require the inclusion of the hazardous substance.
The Clinton bill included other "tougher" enforcement provisions, such as allowing the agency to override a manufacturer's selection of a consumer remedy under Section 15 of the CPSA and the FHSA.