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FHTFederation of Holistic Therapists (UK)
FHTFamily Health Team
FHTFetal Heart Tones
FHTFoxboro Hot Tubs (band)
FHTFast Hartley Transform
FHTFemale Hose Thread
FHTFast Hadamard Transform
FHTFairstar Heavy Transport (Netherlands)
FHTFamily Health Trust
FHTFlexible High Temperature (laminate)
FHTFood Handler Training
FHTFast Hankel Transform
FHTFirst Hitting Time (reliability theory)
FHTFast Haar Transform
FHTFinal Handling Test
FHTFaith, Hope and Trick (episode of TV show Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
FHTFormal Hardware Testing
FHTFinal Handling Treatment
FHTFuel Handling Transporter
FHTFamily History Techniques (genealogy)
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Investments in the traditional model, in addition to not finding support in the literature, could still represent a significant lack of efficiency regarding the use of public resources, since the PNAB provides financial incentives to the states for each implemented FHT.
"Maybe next time I'll be nominated for Tutor of the Year!" Christopher Byrne, President of the FHT, added: 'The FHT Excellence Awards are designed to recognise individuals who are excelling in therapy practice and education and are an inspiration to others.
After 20 days of training the average FHT angle value decreased to 2[degrees], so the difference in the average values for this angle before and after the training stood at 0.71[degrees] (Figure 6).
This is due to that the JOS jointly optimize the offloading ratio and harvesting time to find the best combination, however, FHT and FPR are only able to find the best solution against the fixed harvesting time and offloading ratio, respectively.
In response to Thailand's and the region's growing Food and Hospitality industry, FHT 2018 is expanding to three exhibition halls (102-104) with an area of over 18,000 sqm - a 20% increase from last year.
The FHT is mostly funded by federal excise taxes on fuels.
Compared with the actual RUL relying on the definition of FHT, the estimated RUL of our approach is more conservative, which shows the availability of our model.
The present study was conducted in the city of Cocal do Sul, in southern Santa Catarina State, Brazil, in three FHS agencies, with one Family Health team (FHt) at each facility.
Generally, if X(t) reaches a specific value w which is related to the failure mechanism in most cases for the first time, the product is announced to be failed and the time is thus called the first hitting time (FHT).
For the fully heat-treated (FHT) specimens of LL-161, the hardness and impact results shown in Table 3 were obtained during pilot lot (3) testing.
Temperaturos ir dregmes duomenu kaupikliu "FHT 70 DataLog RZ" buvo matuojama iseinancio oro srauto dregme (% RH) (padalos verte 0,1) ir iseinancio srauto temperatura ([degrees]C) (padalos verte 0,1).