FHUEFederation of Hospital and University Employees
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An ORF for hemin receptor (RWLH01745, RWLH05731) for uptake of hemin; a homolog of yersiniabactin receptor for Fe3-yersiniabactin (RWLH00836); and a FhuE receptor precursor (RWLH05363) for Fe3-ferrioxiamineB, Fe3-hodotorulic acid and Fe3-coprogen were identified.
coli Fe(III)-ferrichrome receptor FhuA and 48.3% similar to coprogen and rhodotorulic acid receptor FhuE. Like any other ferrisiderophore uptake machinery the rhizobial high affinity Fe-uptake system also requires other components other than the receptor for the transport of the ferrisiderophorecomplex.
The other FhuA homologs are not found to be associated with inner membrane machinery, similar to FhuE (rhodotorulic acid and coprogen receptor) and IutA (aerobactin receptor) of E.