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FHVFrauenhilfsvereinigung (German: Relief Society, organization for Mormon women)
FHVFeline Herpesvirus
FHVFlock House Virus
FHVFor-Hire Vehicle
FHVFédération des Hôpitaux Vaudois (Swiss hospital federation)
FHVFair Haven (Amtrak station code; Fair Haven, VT)
FHVFuel Heating Value
FHVFamily History of Violence
FHVFractional Hypoxic Volume
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journey with a trip in a FHV. (114) Importantly, FHVs have become so
Anti-feline corona virus and anti-feline herpes virus activity and cytotoxicity of the compounds 3a-j in Crandell-Rees Feline Kidney cell cultures Compound C[C.sub.50] (a) E[C.sub.50] (b) ([micro]M) ([micro]M) FCoV FHV 3a >100 >100 >100 3b 50.6 >20 >20 3c 20.7 >20 >20 3d >100 >100 >100 3e 4.4 >4 >4 3f 50.8 >20 >20 3g 24.
"We visited the show from Hue city - FHV is the most recommended trade event for hotels.
Em outro estudo, 88% dos gatos com a doenga foram positivos tanto para FCV quanto para FHV e nenhum dos animais atendidos foi negativo para ambos.
In this context, it can be noted that, in the monograph for FHV, severe hyperthermia (40[degrees] C or higher) is given a higher score, allowing the severity of this sign to be reflected in the final scores [12].
Occasionally, and especially with FCV, mouth ulcers can cause inappetance that requires naso-gastric tubing to allowassisted feeding and FHV can be responsible for painful eyeulcers, but rarely does either virus cause death.
"We have exhibited at FHV since we started our company in 2009, and our product range has grown in tandem with the event.
He also held the positions of interna- tional creative director at CLM BBDO in Paris, and executive creative director at FHV BBDO in Amsterdam.
Donghoon Chan, Executive Vice President, Samsung Electronics, led the jury who decided to give the inaugural Grand Prix to G-Star RAW Amsterdam / FHV BBDO Amsterdam / Part of a Bigger Plan, The Netherlands, for the VRaw for the Ocean' clothing collection from G-Star RAW.
He has also held the positions of in- ternational creative director at CLM BBDO in Paris, and executive creative director at FHV BBDO in Amsterdam.