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FHWAFederal Highway Administration (US DoT)
FHWAFife Health and Wellbeing Alliance (UK)
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Parker will serve under FHWA Administrator Nicole Nason as well maintain her current position as Associate Administrator for Highway Policy and External Affairs.
FHWA and OIPD also provide a collection of free, downloadable Roads to Your Future outreach materials for attracting workers.
"FHWA is to be commended for recognizing this reality.
It is unclear the extent to which FHWA's on-the-job training program enables women, minorities, and economically disadvantaged individuals to reach journeylevel status in the highway construction trades, although stakeholders believe it can create some opportunities.
Subsequently, FHWA made substantial investments in improving the quality and efficiency of environmental decision-making through initiatives such as context sensitive solutions (CSS), the Eco-Logical approach, the Exemplary Ecosystem Initiatives program, the recently announced Human Environment Initiatives program, and efforts to link planning and the environment.
The FHWA will accept nominations of any project, process, group, or individuals involved in work that used FHWA funds to contribute to the nation's transportation system and environment.
This effort began with the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA) of 1991, which provided funding through FHWA to help 13 state departments of transportation (DOTs) construct 18 high performance concrete "showcase" bridges.
The FHWA hopes that by committing to TERP, the research will provide insight on the difficult policy decisions that the FHWA will undertake in the future.
"We are in the process now, and will be for the next two decades, of rebuilding American's infrastructure," says Byron Lord, deputy director, Office of Pavement technology, FHWA. "We are talking about hundreds of billions, if not trillions, of tons of material out there.
The FHWA reinitiated consultation with the Service on December 19, 2002, to assess the impacts of the bridge project on bald eagles after new information was obtained pertaining to nest relocation, increased nest productivity, and design plan changes.
Furthermore, scientists at the Western Research Institute (WRI) in Laramie, Wyo., working on the same FHWA project are hoping to encourage self-healing in asphalt by tinkering with its chemical composition.