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The fluid temperature inside the FHX tubes is treated as a time-dependent inside boundary condition for the conduction problem.
A low-energy research house with an FHX in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, was chosen for validation of the numerical model.
In designing the FHX, the heat exchanger run was laid out over the house plan to see whether the construction excavation and utility trench would be sufficient to provide the required length of heat exchanger pipe or whether additional conventional horizontal loops would be needed.
To test the behavior of the FHX system in various locations, a prototype house based on the experimental house near Oak Ridge, Tennessee (Shonder and Spitler 2009), was created in the EnergyPlus environment (Crawley 2001).
A non-uniform grid consisting of approximately 13,000 cells is utilized, with cell spacing fine around the FHX pipes as well as heat transfer surfaces, and increasing toward the edges of the domain.