FI6Flexor Inhibitor 6 (neuron)
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Se encontro que tomando un nivel de significancia del 5%, el valor F tabulado es Fi6,22;0.05) = 2.549061, mientras que el valor F calculado es Fc = 5.370283, y debido a que este ultimo es mayor que el tabulado, se puede afirmar que existe suficiente evidencia estadistica para decir que la cantidad de antibiotico suministrado si afecta el peso fresco de las plantas (tabla 3).
Summary: Scientists have found a flu 'super antibody" called FI6 that can fight all types of influenza A viruses that cause disease in humans and animals and say their discovery may be a turning point in the development of new flu treatments.
When they identified FI6, they injected it into mice and ferrets and found that it protected the animals against infection by either a Group 1 or Group 2 influenza A virus.
One donor yielded an antibody known as FI6 that showed neutralising activity against both groups of influenza sA virus.