FIABFrog in a Blender (youth program; UK)
FIABFurries in a Blender (music)
FIABFederazione Italiana Amici della Bicicletta (Italian: Italian Federation of Urban Cyclists and Bicycle Tourism; est. 1989; Italy)
FIABFederación Española de Industrias de la Alimentación y Bedidas (Spanish: Spanish Federation of Industries of Food and Beverage)
FIABFédération Internationale des Associations de Bibliothécaires (French: International Federation of Library Associations)
FIABFederación Iberoamericana de Bolsas
FIABForeign Intelligence Advisory Board (USA)
FIABFédération Nationale des Industries de l'Agro-Alimentaire du Burkina (French: National Federation of Industries Agri-Food Burkina; Burkina Faso)
FIABFish in A Barrel (website)
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"With FIAB, we aim to take farm mechanization, plus all its necessary support facilities, deep into previously under-served rural communities in Africa," said AGCO president, chairman, and CEO Martin Richenhagen.
Four electrodes (PG 500, FIAB, Vicchio, Italy) were placed on the body's right side: two on the back of the hand, with one proximal and the other distal to the wrist, and two on the instep of the foot, with one distal and the other proximal to the ankle.
Tabla 1 Caracteristicas descriptivas de la muestra por sexo, edad y grupo de tratamiento Sexo Grupo Edad Experimental Control Total Varon 8 15 17 32 9 17 12 29 10 3 0 3 Total 35 29 64 Mujer 8 18 15 33 9 21 9 30 10 1 0 1 Total 40 24 64 Tabla 2 Fiabilidad compuesta y varianza media extractada Factor Items Fiab. comp.
The pavilion is organized by FIAB,The Spanish Federation of Food and Drink Industries together with other institutions from the regions of Andalucia, Catalunya, Galicia, Basque Country, CastillaLa Mancha and Baleric Islands.
Amid the growing public furor over manipulation of prewar intelligence about Iraq, and residual public disgust over the appointment of inept presidential crony Michael Brown to head the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Bush administration packed the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (FIAB) with campaign donors.
Feed Industries Association of Bangladesh (FIAB) General Secretary Ahsanuzzmaan told The News Today that these exemptions would not be used in their areas.