FIALFédération des Industries Alimentaires Suisses (French: Federation of Swiss Food Industries)
FIALFabbrica Italiana Automobili Legnano (Italian carmaker)
FIALFédération des Industries Agro-Alimentaires Luxembourgeoise (Brussels, Belgium)
FIALFellow of the Institute of Arts and Letters (various locations)
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With the growing Asian middle class, Australia is in the box seat to take advantage of the many emerging export opportunities, FIAL Chairman Peter Schutz said.
These enablers align with FIALs knowledge priority areas that are central in helping the food and agribusiness industry achieve its vision and deliver increased productivity, sustainable economic growth, job creation, and investment attraction for the sector.
En el texto se lee que los recursos que se destinarian al FIAL se aplicaran en aspectos pedagogicos "que tienen un orden primordial en Veracruz".
El gobierno de Veracruz contrato a la empresa Banco de Ideas para coordinar el FIAL Mora Gomez cuenta como la compania que dirige fue invitada al festival:
We are excited to present the latest version of our Sector Competitiveness Plan which focusses on a vision that the industry, by 2025, is working together to grow the share of Australian food in the global marketplace, FIALs Chair, Peter Schutz, said.
It is a real coup for South Australia to have FIAL on board and it brings state and national food programs together like never before.
Fiat is present through Tata Motors in the country as FIAL and it has several products in the offering.
It's bee fials galore for the Four Oaks ad District League, Sportsmas Rest wiig the Bria Goodma Cup with a 7-2 success over Hill Social.