FIALFédération des Industries Alimentaires Suisses (French: Federation of Swiss Food Industries)
FIALFabbrica Italiana Automobili Legnano (Italian carmaker)
FIALFédération des Industries Agro-Alimentaires Luxembourgeoise (Brussels, Belgium)
FIALFellow of the Institute of Arts and Letters (various locations)
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O Fial, 29TPG7677, 1800 m, en borde de charca turbosa, 6-VIII-2009, F.
According to FIAL Chief Executive Officer Rajeev Kapoor, 'We have started sending Linea in South Africa and are looking for opportunities to export in SAARC countries like Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka.'
A Fianna Fial TD said "The Government insists that the scale of the bug is not yet known, but it doesn't want to be embarrassed by the efforts of the British Government in averting the same disaster.
150) weytes may be easier sense, but seems a more relevant reading than the preferred witres; fial may be an attractive emendation for VIII.
The same applies to India vis-a-vis our local company Fial (Fiat India Automobiles Ltd.), and we have a majority stake in another venture.
Why did Schmidt dismiss it, and what will he make of fial? How does he read C X.249 where his text says that the world was drowned for mariages makynge that men made that tyme?
According to SBA officials, a letter was to go out to city agencies this past Monday advising them of the fial equalization rates for this year's roll.
How could one fial to understand the prefight headline in the Chicago Tribune: RENO NOW CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE.
Although cigarette smoking has become a routine control variable in epidemiological research, we have found that the routine analytical procedures can fial to detect the relationship between cigarette smoking and the variables of particular interest to researchers.
Routing of Data--If the network uses stochastic routing, it means that each packet will find its own route to the fial destination.