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Growing up in Trumbull, Conn., Fians saw the church as one of those important support structures.
But once Fians moved away, and as he moved again and again, the church's relevance seemed to diminish for him.
"It didn't feel natural anymore to go when I was back home, either," Fians said.
According to Catholic University's D'Antonio, these factors in Fians' departure aren't uncommon among Millennials.
Though he has traveled less internationally than Brandon or Shirilla, Fians has uprooted himself the most frequently of the three.
Several recent surveys show a growing number of postcollegiate Millennials floating, like Fians, between higher education and employment.
"At the end of a year," Fians said, "I had another degree and a whole new set of questions."
Though in some ways Fians feels distant from the religion of his youth, he still values his Catholic background, and notices it surfacing unmistakably in decisions of his odyssey years.
Now that he has confidence in a career track, and prepares to pursue a committed relationship in a familiar city, Fians finds himself looking forward to when he has offspring of his own--a development that feels far less distant to him now than in his earlier, more nomadic days.