FIANZFederation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand
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At the time, FIANZ spokesman Javed Khan told Investigate he was aware WAMY had been blacklisted because of its links to Al Qa'ida, but he said WAMY sent FIANZ a letter denying the allegation so FIANZ believed them.
The concerning news for New Zealanders wondering about a moderate Islamic community is that WAMY and two other named 'charities'--Al Haramain (2) and the Muslim World League --have all helped bankroll FIANZ and the New Zealand Muslim community.
So it was a surprise to discover that --despite our 2007 revelations, WAMY is still listed as a "partner" of FIANZ in a powerpoint presentation delivered by FIANZ in 2012.
Critics, including some in New Zealand's Muslim community, have accused FIANZ of turning a blind eye to the growing infiltration of extremists into New Zealand.
In a meeting with US diplomats, FIANZ's Javed Khan told them there were "No 'extremist' activities" in the NZ Muslim community, but the Wikileaks cable reveals, "However, other community leaders dispute Khan's assertion that there is no extremist activity, citing the presence of Saudi-funded organisations on school campuses and mosque administrations ...
"Contrary to assertions by FIANZ president Javed Khan (see ref A) that there are no extremists in New Zealand, Soltanian told Conoff that Wahhabi groups have "overtly tried to influence New Zealand's Muslim society." Soltanian said AUIS has sponsored speakers from Hizb ut-Tahrir and Al Haramain.
"Soltanian said the extremists' activities are not limited to the university campus; he claims that there are extremist preachers who operate with the full knowledge of FIANZ and the GNZ [Government of New Zealand].
"Soltanian asserted that inaction by the government, acquiescence by Muslim groups like FIANZ, and the extremists' strong financial backing from abroad make it difficult to counter their growing influence.
One of FIANZ's big outreach programmes, receiving immense support from the daily news media, is the annual Islam Awareness Week.
The word Islam literally means "submission", not "peace" as claimed by FIANZ. Why are they making false statements to New Zealanders?
What FIANZ doesn't tell its readers is that the 'no compulsion in religion' command came very early in Muhammad's mission, when Islam was extremely weak with fewer than 400 supporters in the Middle East.
What FIANZ doesn't disclose is that Muhammad changed the rules of the game once he gained power: you were free to become a Muslim, but like the Hotel California, once you've checked in you can never leave.