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This decision was made in 170/58th meeting of BOD held here at FESCO Headquarters under the chair of board director Fiaq Javed.
The Herrmidisteam[TM] Steam-to-Steam (SS) Generator, offered by Fedders Indoor Air Quality (FIAQ), can be used in office buildings, dormitories, hospitals, schools, and museums, Increases humidification by 20 percent and is used within an existing boiler by taking steam and passing it through a copper or stainless steel heat exchanger into a stainless steel evaporating chamber.
In total, 182,439 male and female students will appear in the exams of Darse Nizami, an eight year course of religious teachings, and Takhusus fil Fiaq wal Ifta, a two-year specialization course after Darse Nizami, which will continue for a month, he said.