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The present work is aimed at investigating the nanoscale pore structure characteristics as well as porosity and permeability of the mudrock and fine-grained sandstone which are the most typical rock types in coal reservoirs of China by using combined methods of FIB-SEM, MIP, and NMR.
While it may be possible to obtain intact bone-implant specimens of the Ep+An surface for TEM using FIB-SEM, the technique permits analysis of relatively small regions of interest.
The new TESCAN FIB-SEM will enable scientists to precisely prepare specimens for atom probe tomography.
[26.] Robert Krueger.: Dual-column (FIB-SEM) wafer applications, Micron, Volumen 30, Numero 3, Junio de 1999, Paginas 221-226 (1999)
Schwarz, "Multi-scale characterization of pore microstructures in Boom Clay (HADES, Mol, Belgium) using a combination of [mu]-CT, BIB-SEM and serial FIB-SEM techniques," in Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, vol.
While less common, the FIB-SEM tomographic method has demonstrated the ability to complete 3-D volumetric reconstruction at a resolution of 10 nm or better in all three dimensions.
Contract notice: scanning electron microscope and a fib-sem
The latest exciting evolution in FIB-SEM tomography is the use of an in-lens backscattered electron (BS[E.sup.I]) detector for the SEM signal, available on the Carl Zeiss SMT EsB XB.
Contract notice: focused ion beam - sem (fib-sem) with xe-plasma technology
First, A 3d structural model of the hydrophobic and hydrophilic site distribution in shales at around 50 nm resolution by combining fib-sem and high resolution tem will be developed.
Tenders invited for Supplies for fib-sem (model: auriga by carl zeiss)
a set of detectors for energy dispersive spectroscopy (eds) analysis and electron backscatter diffraction (ebsd) is to be installed on a fei helios g4 cx (fib-sem) instrument.