FIBBFédération Ivoirienne de Basket-Ball (Côte d'Ivoire basketball federation)
FIBBFaysal Islamic Bank of Bahrain
FIBBFederation of International Baseball (Moreno Valley, CA)
FIBBFederazione Italiana Blood Bowl (gaming)
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Glegg's eyes, "it'll be bought up by the huckster's wife at Fibb's End,--that's where it'll go--ten shillin' for the whole lot--ten yards, countin' the damaged un--five-an'-twenty shillin' 'ud ha' been the price, not a penny less.
Under the merger, FIBB will absorb the entire assets and liabilities of the two other rural banks.
RTT patients, when compared to control group, showed 6 underexpressed protein spots including FIBB, hemoglobin subunit beta (HBB), serum transferrin (TRFE), HPT, Ig gamma-2 chain C region (IGHG2), and CO3, while 1 spot of clusterin (CLUS) is overexpressed (Table 3).
Statistical analysis, represented by the fold changes, revealed in the classical RTT versus PSV-RTT comparison a significant overexpression of proteins involved in APR including AMBP, HPT, FIBB, A1AT, and CO3 [16,18,23, 26].
Both classical RTT subjects also likely had a significant overexpression of FIBB which has a double function: yielding monomers that polymerize into fibrin and acting as a cofactor in platelet aggregation [19].
The meeting was chaired by FIBB president Rafael Santoja and attended by senior officials of different federations from Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania and the Americas.
Institutions such as Faisal Islamic Bank of Bahrain (FIBB), Islamic Investment Company of the Gulf (IICG), Albraka Islamic Investment Bank and the Islamic banking windows of Citibank, Arab Banking Corporation (ABC) have all created their own niche markets.
FIBB undoubtedly has set the pace in pioneering the Morabaha syndication facility.
FIBB has recorded an upward profitability curve since its setting up in early 1980s and has become the envy of many Islamic and conventional banks in the Middle East.
The Islamic bank setting the pace in Bahrain is FIBB, which has the distinction of maintaining its profitability since it started operations a decade ago.
According to results approved in March, FIBB registered an 11% increase in net profits from $9m in 1991 to $10m last year.
Essentially, we've eliminated "Franklin Fibbs" and "Mark Trail." They finished 37th and 34th, respectively, in our poll.