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FIBERFoundation for International Business and Economic Research
FIBERFoundation for International Business Education and Research
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Unidirectional basalt fiber tissue is laminated to both sides of a lightweight wood core.
Compared with traditional cable materials, a carbon-nanotube fiber could carry more current without heating up and do so over longer distances, says Howard Schmidt, director of the carbon-nanotechnology lab at Rice University.
The share of recycled paper should increase from 48% in 2001 to 50% of total fiber consumption by 2010 as many of China's non-wood pulp mills close.
Dietary fiber has also been associated with lower risk of other cancers such as breast cancer.
As apparent from the SEM micrograph, the peeling of the surface is remarkably shifted to the fiber side as the fatigue of the tube progresses.
Among researchers who want to study fiber technology on their laboratory benches, there's been a revival in interest in Formhals' technique.
This article examines the specific research, development, and technology transfers needed to meet future recycled fiber demands.
While a user is engineering fiber outside plant, CommNets Fiber is populating a database that holds ALL the information about the fiber infrastructure.
industry, asserts the San Francisco-based Fiber Futures, which lobbies for expanded use of agricultural residues and other tree-free materials for paper.