FIBRFood Industry Business Roundtable (Los Angeles, CA)
FIBRFrontiers in Integrated Biological Research (National Science Foundation)
FIBRForward Indicator Bit Received
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FIBR seeks to learn how to transform smartphone data about low-income individuals and link them to financial services by working with business and technology partners that touch the lives of underserved customers.
At the official project launch in Accra, Ghana, on February 25, BFA announced that several local organizations were already engaged in pre-qualifying projects for FIBR.
Thus, FIBR sets out to support technology, business and financial partners that can use this data to design and develop new ways to make savings, credit and insurance products available to underserved customers.
The FIBR project also plans to experiment with predictive algorithms on the data to give financial service providers information to customise products to potential customers in underserved markets.