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FIBREFilm Industry Broadband Resources Enterprise (North Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
FIBREFinnish Biodiversity Research Programme
FIBREFabry-Perot Interferometer/Bolometer Research Experiment
FIBREFriendly Inputting of Bibliographic Records (INIS)
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There are moments, psychologists tell us, when the passion for sin, or for what the world calls sin, so dominates a nature that every fibre of the body, as every cell of the brain, seems to be instinct with fearful impulses.
He was a rarely intelligent creature, and an artist in every fibre; and if you did not quarrel with his manifold perversities, he was a delightful companion.
The inexperienced fibres of the boy's eyes were hardened at an early age.
At last the breeze came; the schooner sidled and drew nearer in the dark; I felt the hawser slacken once more, and with a good, tough effort, cut the last fibres through.
From the fibres, the Indians manufacture baskets of such close texture as to hold water.
With regard to the effect of the fibre weight bundle in the strength of the single fibre and the pull-out characteristics, both treated and untreated fibres did not show a remarkable influence of bundle weight on the strength of the single fibre or the pull-out results.
Improving the mechanical properties of natural fibre fabric reinforced epoxy composites by alkali treatment.
Interfacial bonding is of particular concern in natural fibre composites.
Now that native Fibre Channel tape drives are readily available and are coming down in cost, these library manufacturers are offering products with a native Fibre Channel Tape solution in addition to the bridged solution.
According to Bill Martin, SANmark Technical Leader, "The FCIA established the SANmark Qualified Program to provide the industry with an objective indication of how Fibre Channel products perform against industry standards through the use of published conformance test suites." Martin went on to explain, "The ultimate objective is to protect our mutual customers' and end-users' investment in Fibre Channel technology, while accelerating market adoption and satisfying the continuously growing storage networking demand."
iSCSI over WAN (Wide Area Network) provides cost-effective long-distance connectivity that can be used as a bridge to existing Fibre Channel SANs or between native iSCSI SANs.
If your read Fibre Trim's label carefully, you'll find that "a serving" is not one, but five, tablets.