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FIBRESFact and Information-Based Reverse Engineering of Strategy
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There are moments, psychologists tell us, when the passion for sin, or for what the world calls sin, so dominates a nature that every fibre of the body, as every cell of the brain, seems to be instinct with fearful impulses.
He was a rarely intelligent creature, and an artist in every fibre; and if you did not quarrel with his manifold perversities, he was a delightful companion.
He knew it by every shrinking fibre in his body, he knew it by the sudden dizzy whirling of his brain, at the mere thought of that calamity.
The principal fibre traversing its length being split open a convenient distance, and the elastic sides of the aperture pressed apart, the head is inserted between them, the leaf drooping on one side, with its forward half turned jauntily up on the brows, and the remaining part spreading laterally behind the ears.
He stood in the window, drumming against the raised sash, and feeling in every fibre the wistful tenderness with which she had spoken her cousin's name.
Untreated Aged Kenaf Fibres. The stress versus strain of aged untreated kenaf fibres is given in Figures 2(a) and 2(b).
Treated Aged Kenaf Fibres. Kenaf fibres were treated chemically with 6% NaOH solution.
Using kenaf fibres reinforced epoxy composites for similar applications is possible.
[11] Gu, H., 2009.Tensile behaviours of the coir fibre and related composites after NaOH treatment.
Attempts have been made to improve the thermal stability of natural fibres by grafting the fibres with monomers.
An important property of natural fibres is their tensile behaviour.
Another important property to be evaluated is the surface energy of hemp fibres which is directly linked with the fibre/matrix interfacial bonding.