FIBUAFighting In Built Up Areas
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The FIBUA Village is an incredibly important and popular facility which is born out by the numbers who train there.
FIBUA is time-consuming and costly in manpower, especially among the infantrymen upon whom the burden falls not only of enduring the enemy's fire but also having to fight in mined or booby-trapped buildings.
For these reasons, the British and American armies are reluctant to become engaged in FIBUA, which Saddam intends to take full advantage.
FIBUA is hard and bloody soldiering and let us hope that our troops do as little of it as possible in this war.
However, he believes that assigning FIBUA training to the Militia would contribute to army unity by setting out a defined and complementary role to the Regular force, allowing the latter to concentrate on mechanized warfare training or to "park the LAV IIIs and focus on `exciting' basic soldier skills.
As most Reserve units are centred in urban areas while the Regular force is forced by the availability of training space to more rural locations, FIBUA training, according to Brough, would not require much of a transition and would fit in nicely with the Militia's "presence in the community and domestic response roles.
All well and good, but Colonel Brough fails to mention that FIBUA training is fraught with difficulties.
Complaints about FIBUA training are even more common in the U.