FICAAFederation of Independent Commercial Agents Association (Greece)
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Thus, these data meet the basic requirement of the FICAA.
Based on the FICAA and the statistical independence of the raw geochemical data, we consider the six element content values as the mixed signals (the raw data).
FICAA processing is only a copy or estimation of the raw data and only reflects the general trend of the data.
There are obvious differences between the isograms of Au and Cu that are delineated by the raw data and the FICAA processed data.
The analysis results show that the anomaly isograms processed by the FICAA are more in line with the actual element distributions.
More importantly, the existing geochemical data processing methods with the statistical mathematics characteristic (such as the FICAA used in this study) cannot be used to simulate the dynamic mechanisms and processes of ore-forming systems, so they are invalid for predicting concealed ore deposits within the upper crust of the Earth.