FICAHFood Industry Crusade Against Hunger
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By assisting in the development of solar greenhouses made of mud blocks and plastic canopies, FICAH enables Bolivian farming families to harvest 300 pounds of produce annually.
To protect the staple African food crop cassava, FICAH is supporting a program to introduce wasps that destroy the mealy-bugs that ravage the plant.
By supporting a program in India and Nepal called Trees for Life, FICAH is helping to expand fruit production throughout the two nations.
That amount exceeded the food industry's contributions to FICAH, which came to $670,000, according to the annual report.
Retailers joining in the Consumer Sharing Program (CSP) designate a local charity or program to receive 25 % of the collected revenue; the remaining 75 % goes to large-scale FICAH programs in this country and abroad.
The feedback that we've gotten from our customers and associates is that they just feel good about having an impact on a worldwide basis, " says Hollis, a one-time FICAH trustee.
In addition to its credit programs, FICAH funds agricultural training and learning centers which provide training in community-based natural resource management, small scale agriculture, food production, nutrition, alternative energy sources and gender education.
Within the last several years, FICAH has broadened its focus to include anti-hunger efforts in the United States.
To help increase this awareness, FICAH created a seasonal point-of-purchase (POP) program for U.
Retailers send a charity nomination form and a list of several registered tax exempt charities with descriptions of their services, and FICAH selects the organization.
The remainder of retailer-raised donations return to FICAH and are disbursed to long-term self-help programs approved by a selection committee.
In March, Publix Supermarkets in south Florida made one of the largest contributions to date through the POP program - presenting a check to FICAH for $329,000.