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"Instilling Reflective Intercultural Competence in Education Abroad Experiences in Italy: The FICCS Approach + Reflective Education." Italica 89.1 (2012): 21-33.
GCF Repo is a service offered by the Fixed Income Clearing Corporation (FICC) and used by dealers that are netting members of FICC's Government Securities Division.
FICC provides two additional types of services for those dealers trading GCF Repos.
The IDB then sends the trade details to FICC and the two dealers.
Once FICC receives the trade details from the IDB, it guarantees the trade, limiting the risk faced by the IDB as the legal counterparty to the trade.
FICCS: Full-immersion (Guided & Spontaneous Acquisition)
FICCS employs guided acquisition in language courses, content courses, metalinguistic study, and comparative analysis between Italian and English, or whatever the L1 may be.
FICCS employs complex spontaneous input from the experience in social environments, from the service the student carries out in the community to which "traditional" students are not normally exposed, from the host families, and from the activity-specific lexicon deriving from the service experience.