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FICDFédération Interjurassienne de Coopération et de Développement (est. 1994; Swiss federation)
FICDFast Idle Control Device (Nissan)
FICDFellow International College of Dentists
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The study provides a fundamental explanation of how FICD is a major disturbance to the initiation and maintenance of cross-border business relationships.
In addition, a new, formative instrument allows for an unbiased test of the impact of FICD.
First, on a theoretical level, I draw on the theory of cognitive categorization to define FICD and explain its impact on export relationships.
I call this "foreignness-induced cognitive disorientation," or FICD, and propose the following definition, which emphasizes the managerial relevance of FICD by considering both its antecedents and its consequences for exporting firms:
First, it conceptualizes FICD as a neuro-psychological phenomena (cognitive disorientation) when previous definitions reflect an absence of actual conceptualization.
It examines the notion that FICD undermines interfirm trust.
FICD affects interfirm trust in two ways: It hampers its development, and it impedes its maintenance.
First, FICD impedes the appropriate categorization of the empirical cues about the trustworthiness of the foreign partner.
Thus, FICD disrupts the appropriate assessment of the empirical cues that foreign partners base their evaluations on and that generate and help maintain prorelational attitudes such as trust.
The FICD strengthens the capacities of its members organisautions to help reduce global inequalities and injustices.
FICD supports the Swiss policy on development cooperation by participating in advocacy with the authorities.
Prospects for the 2013-2016 Phase Strengthening the sense of belonging of its members to FICD and creating synergies between them.