FICFFédération des Industries Condimentaires de France (French: Federation of Industries of France Condiments)
FICFFlorence International Choir Festival (Florence, Italy)
FICFFlorida Independent College Fund
FICFFraternal Insurance Counsellor Fellow
FICFFamily Issues Cash Fund (Colorado)
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The sample included individuals of both sexes, aged 18 to 65 years; BMI>35kg/m2 associated with comorbidities such as type II diabetes mellitus, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, dyslipidemia, lower back pain, osteoarthrosis, among others; (14) with BMI>40kg/m2; who had undergone Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (Fobi-Capella technique) at least six months before the data collection period; minimum educational level corresponding to incomplete primary school; who agreed to sign the FICF (Appendix A).
The signing ceremony marks the beginning of the implementation phase of the FICF innovative Islamic finance education and research projects in partnership with leading higher education institutions which was earlier launched by the Finance Minister Ishaq Dar on January 09, 2015,
FICF is a component of the larger financial inclusion programme being implemented by the State Bank under the funding assistance of United KingdomAid.
Following a thorough desk review and detailed consultation with applicants by the FICF Secretariat, the applicant institution will develop a finalized business plan that will be presented to the FICF Advisory Committee for approval.
FICF is a component of the larger Financial Inclusion Program implemented by State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) under the funding assistance of the United Kingdom Aid, said a SBP statement here on Tuesday.
All were volunteers whose consent was requested, in the presence of their legal guardians, about their interest in taking part of the research and, upon being informed about the study, they signed the Free and Informed Consent Formulary (FICF) in accordance with the guidelines of the Medical Research Ethics Committee of Goias Federal University (GFU).
Kardar launched pound 10 million Financial Innovation Challenge Fund (FICF) and unveiled the first round of FICF on Government to Person Payments (G2P).
The FICF and other groups then asked the Court of First Instance to overturn the Commission's decision, saying it had misconstrued the TBR definition of obstacles to trade.