FICIFederación Indígena y Campesina de Imbabura (Spanish: Indigenous and Peasant Federation of Imbabura; Octavalo, Ecuador)
FICIFederation of Indian Communities in Ireland (Dublin, Ireland, UK)
FICIFractional Inhibitory Concentration Index
FICIFirst Integrated Choice, Inc. (Brunswick, OH)
FICIFirst Imperial Cargo, Inc. (Philippines)
FICIFailed Instrument Component Inspection
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For the phonology, we note realization of mid front vowels as [i] (dari, fici but also male).
The robes from the series were meant to symbolically illustrate the position of women who through this law would become only silent witnesses of how the state interferes in their privacy and their family lives, wrote.
However, according to the observed FICI values (1 to 1.25), the combination of the two antifungal drugs was not different from the drugs alone (Table 1).
Strain [MZ.sup.a] [LD.sup.a] MIC FICI Int [MIC.sub.50] [MIC.sub.50 MZ+LD MZ + ([micro]g ([micro]g ([micro]g LD [mL.sup.-1]) [mL.sup.-1]) [mL.sup.-1]) C.
The fractional inhibitory concentration index (FICI) was calculated for the combinations of each AQ with AmB by the checkerboard microdilution method.
(25) For the calculation of the fractional inhibitory concentration index (FICI), MIC values related to 100% inhibition of growth were used.
Cerotelium fici has been reported previously on Ficus carica, F.
Results were interpreted by the fractional inhibitory concentration index (FICI).[sup][3] The FICI was calculated for each combination using the following formula: FICI = FICA + FICB, where FICA = MIC of drug A in combination/MIC of drug A alone, and FICB = MIC of drug B in combination/MIC of drug B alone.
The fractional inhibitory concentration index (FICI) was used to determine synergistic effects of compounds using the equation: FICI=(Ac/Aa) + (Bc/Ba) where Ac and Bc are the MICs of drugs A and B in combination, and Aa and Ba are the MICs of drugs alone.
We have developed a tool with IBM, the Framework for Integrated Customer Insight (FICI), this tool is semi-automated, it reads all the feedback that we get from customers -- suggestions, complaints, notifications, comments from media, comments from social media, surveys of customers -- and we put it all into one tool and then get the top 10% [of requests] across all channels.