FICIFederación Indígena y Campesina de Imbabura (Spanish: Indigenous and Peasant Federation of Imbabura; Octavalo, Ecuador)
FICIFederation of Indian Communities in Ireland (Dublin, Ireland, UK)
FICIFractional Inhibitory Concentration Index
FICIFirst Integrated Choice, Inc. (Brunswick, OH)
FICIFirst Imperial Cargo, Inc. (Philippines)
FICIFailed Instrument Component Inspection
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En las elecciones en 2000 Conejo confronto a Carmen Yamberla, una rival dentro del mismo Pachakutik que representaba la FICI y una fraccion mas dura dentro de la CONAIE.
A total synergistic antibacterial effect was recognized for the combination of 4[micro]g/ml of gentamicin with 4[micro]g/ml of carnosic acid against MRSA-CM34 clinical isolate with a FICI of 0.
01 Strains MIC-geometric mean FICI (combined drugs) geometric mean Antiretroviral Antifungal Mycelial 0.
It was observed that CD could significantly reduce the MICs of norfloxacin, ciprofloxacin and ofloxacin with FICI [less than or equal to] 0.
972 Species (n) Drugs FICI Number of strains showing synergism Candida albicans (10) SIM/AMB 1.
064 mg/ml respectively, whereas when assayed in combination the FICI values were drastically reduced to range between 0.
Among all [SIGMA]FICs calculated for each microplate, the FICI was determined as the lowest [SIGMA]FIC ([SIGMA][FIC.
Fractional inhibitory concentration indexes (FICIs) were calculated according to the following formula: FICI = (MIC of antimicrobial agent A in combination/MIC of antimicrobial agent A alone) + (MIC of antimicrobial agent B in combination/MIC of antimicrobial agent B alone).