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The fractional inhibitory concentration index (FICI) was defined as the sum of the MIC of each drug when used in combination divided by the MIC of the drug used alone.
The results were interpreted as a synergistic effect if FICI and FBCI [less than or equal to] 0.5 and as an additive effect if 0.5 [less than or equal to] FICI and FBCI [less than or equal to] 4.
TABLE 1: Fractional inhibitory concentrations (FIC) and indices (FICIs) of antifungal drugs fluconazole (FLC) and micafungin (MCFG) combined with the essential oil of Mentha suaveolens against Candida albicans.
Results: The result of in vitro combination study showed that CD significantly reduced MIC of fluoroquinolones up to 16-folds (FICI 0.315-0.500), while in S.
Table 3: Fractional inhibitory concentrations (FICs) and FIC indices (FICIs) of A.
Abbreviations: (-)-DPG, (-)-deoxypergularinine; TB, tuberculosis; MDR-TB, multidrug-resistant tuberculosis; XDR-TB, extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis; MGIT, mycobacteria growth indicator tube; MICs, minimum inhibitory concentrations; INH, isoniazid; TMV, tobacco mosaic virus; MIC, minimum inhibitory concentration; FICIs, fractional inhibitory concentration indices.
The MIC of CEO's and [Ag.sup.+] against all the tested pathogens ranged from 0.032 mg/ml to 1 mg/ml and 0.004 and 0.064 mg/ml respectively, whereas when assayed in combination the FICI values were drastically reduced to range between 0.258 and 2.186, indicating synergy, additive and indifferent interactions.
Checkerboard dilution tests mostly revealed synergism of two-drug combinations against all the tested microorganisms with FIC indexes between 0.24 and 0.50, except for rapidly growing mycobacteria in which combinations exerted an additive effect (FICI = 0.75-1).
Potential anti-MRSA interaction type of Compounds 1-3 combined with various antibiotics was evaluated by fractional inhibitory concentration indices (FICIs) and time-kill curves through chequerboard method and dynamic time-killing method, respectively as described previously (An et al.
The FIC index (FICI) was calculated using the following formula:
Table 3 Minimum inhibitory concentrations (MICs) in mg/m1 and fractional inhibitory concentration indices (FICIs) of combinations of 23-methyl-6-0-desmethylauricepyrone (1).
Potential anti-MRSA synergy was measured by fractional inhibitory concentration (FIC) indices (FICI) with chequerboard method and by time-killing curves as previously reported (Hu et al., 2002).