FICORAFinnish Communications Regulatory Authority (Finland)
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The National Cyber Security Centre Finland or NCSC-FI at FICORA is a national information security authority.
The government-owned company (ownership oversight is with the Ministry of Transport and Communication and FICORA is the regulator) is dominating the postal market.
The Commission also doubts the criteria used to assess significant market power (SMP) and the SMP analysis carried out by FICORA.
Ficoras new assessment addressed all the concerns raised by the Commission, however, and provided all the necessary data to demonstrate that there is effective competition.
The decision of the court is final and legally valid, and cannot be appealed, and therefore Sonera must submit a new price-list and an account of how the interconnection fees have been derived from the actual costs to FICORA within a month.
Nor has FICORA provided any information to show the exact trend in market shares in recent years.
Invitation to tender documents will be delivered only on request and due to the service provided to the obligations of the provider should be entered by FICORA Telecommunications Register.
FICORA is calling for tenders for consultation and spectrum auction software services to develop, implement and operate an auction on 700 MHz spectrum band.
The ERG also agreed unanimously to appoint Mrs R Hagman, Head of the Finnish regulatory authority FICORA as Vice-Chairman up to June 30, 2003, and Mr Van Heesvelde, Head of the Belgian regulatory authority BIPT, as Vice-Chairman from July 1, 2003.
Purchase of systems and services related logs collected by FICORA systems.