FICPIFédération Internationale des Conseils en Propriété Industrielle (French: Association of Intellectual Property Attorneys)
FICPIFitness for Intended Clinical Practice Interview (Australian clinical assessment)
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Shaban took part in all working sessions of FICPI commissions and workshops outlining the development of position papers related to the development of different IP services that FICPI shares with Intellectual Property offices worldwide.
FICPI (Federation Internationale des Conseils en Propriete Industrielle) is a voluntary, not-for-profit, international federation of national IP associations, dedicated national sections of FICPI and individual members.
(132) See, e.g., July 28 BPLA letter, supra note 127 (arguing that the March 2014 Guidance ignored specific language in Myriad explicitly narrowing the scope of that judgment to exclude method and process claims); see also 30 July FICPI Letter, supra note 129, at 9 (arguing that method/process claims should be eliminated from the scope of any revised Guidance).
(134) See 30 July FICPI Letter, supra note 129, at 7 (criticizing the USPTO definition of the critical term "significantly different" as essentially circular and ill-defined); see also T.
Id; see also July 28 BPLA Letter, supra note 127 (noting that the March 2014 Guidance read too much into Myriad's silence on added functionality in inventions based on nature, arguing that the Myriad invention did not hinge on added functions, and thus the court did not explicitly address the issue, and going on to point out that the Myriad opinion still reiterated that, in Chakrabarty, the structural novelty of the extra plasmid and the novel "capacity for degrading oil" contributed to [section]101 eligibility); 30 July FICPI Letter, supra note 129, at 2-4 (reiterating this critique; noting that Funk Bros.
(141) See, e.g., 30 July FICPI Letter, supra note 129 (indicating that the March 2014 Guidance violated Article 27 (1) of TRIPS guaranteeing minimum protections for useful inventions regardless of the field of technology).