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FICSITFrailty and Injuries: Cooperative Studies of Intervention Techniques (clinical trial)
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The Seattle FICSIT group used a single exercise strategy (strengthening only or endurance training only) and a combination strategy (strengthening and endurance training) in their design [36].
The Atlanta FICSIT study: two exercise interventions to reduce frailty in elders.
The Boston FICSIT study: The effects of resistance training and nutritional supplementation on physical frailty in the oldest old.
1993; Sherman, D'Agostino, Cobb, & Kannel, 1994) and have higher physical functioning (Guralnik & Kaplan, 1989; Judge, Schechtman, Cress, & the FICSIT Group, 1996; Kaplan, Strawbridge, Camacho, & Cohen, 1993) despite the usual decline in functioning seen with increasing age (Maddox & Clark, 1992).
Factors affecting sample selection in a randomized trial of balance enhancement: the FICSIT study.
In an extension of the Romberg test, the FICSIT evaluates the ability to maintain balance for at least 10 seconds with feet in parallel, semi-tandem, tandem and one-legged stances.