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FICTFédération Internationale des Cadres du Transport (French: International Federation of Transport Frames)
FICTFederazione Italiana Comunita Terapeutiche (Italian)
FICTFinancial Institution Credit Transfer
FICTFamilies in Cultural Transition (New South Wales, Australia)
FICTFederazione Italiana Canoa Turistica (Italian: Italian Federation of Canoe Tourist; est. 1978; Italy)
FICTFédération Française des Industries Charcutiers Traiteurs (French: French Federation of Charcutiers Caterers Industries)
FICTFaculty of Information and Communication Technologies (Swinburne University of Technology; Australia)
FICTFood Industry Council of Tasmania (est. 1999; Australia)
FICTFree Internet Conferencing Tools
FICTForest Industry Council on Taxation
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(19) Parast paari oopaeva pikkust ekslemist after couple.GEN day.GEN long:PRTV wandering:PRTV saa-b ta lopuks uhes talus riideid SAA-3SG s/he finally one:INE farm:INE cloth:PL:PRTV kuivata-da ja pisut maga-da (FICT) dry-INF and bit sleep-INF 'After a couple days of wandering around, he can finally dry his clothes and sleep a bit at a farm' (20) Surnult ei saa ju nouda midagi dead:ABL NEG SAA.CNG PTCL demand.INF nothing ning tema surnud isa elab neis pabereis aegade lopuni (FICT) and his dead father will live on in those papers until the end of time 'Nothing can be demanded from a dead person, and his dead father will live on in those papers until the end of time' One anomaly is the high frequency of epistemic modal constructions in the fiction material (23%), e.g.
James Fry Fict ction THE NIGHT CIT RCUS by Erin Morgenstern (Harvill Secker) pounds 12.99 EVEN readers who do not consider themselves to be fans of magic and fantasy are likely to be impressed by this exciting debut from Erin Morgenstern.
The extraction can be done in two different pilot plants: the counter-current double screw extractor operating at atmospheric pressure (high quality, low investment and small building requirements); or the FICT extractor, a column extractor designed for short cycle times (from 15 minutes).
The meat processing industry federation FICT said the American decision was odisproportionate and unfairo.
Without recourse to titles (of whole canvases, that is, rather than read volumes) like Winslow Homer's The New Novel or Fict ion (see Fig.
In doing just this much, Kubrick also reminded us how a great film artist, whether science fict ionist or not, could find inspiration by limiting the range of his tools and materials; that he did not necessarily need well-developed characters or conventional forms of expressivity to make his effects: But then he reminds us as well how even a great film artist cannot really circumvent the motion necessary to his medium: that at the movies something must always be happening--however miniaturized or attenuated.
Viewed superficially, they are fict ionalized paradoxes of the Greek type, but whereas Zeno's paradoxes confront the trivial interpretation of physical processes with the contradictory results of their purely logical interpretation, Borges' paradoxes are directed towards the universe of cultural facts.
This questioning, in fict, is well under way but not yet very public or explicit.