FIDAPFluid Dynamics Analysis Package (Fluid Dynamics International, Inc.)
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They imported a computer aided design (CAD) file containing the geometry of the fryer into FIDAP and created a three-dimensional CFD model with 500,000 cells.
The consultant used FIDAP to create a quasi 3D finite element model of their initial concept design with about 300,000 elements.
To that end, a "QSO" adjustable-flow poppet valve (supplied by Great Lakes Feed-screws, Tecumseh, Mich.), which allows adjustment of the clearances for each material to be run, was modeled and evaluated with FIDAP two-dimensional finite-element fluid-analysis software from Fluid Dynamics International, Evanston, Ill.
Fluid Dynamics International's FIDAP Fluid Dynamics Analysis Package is also based on the finite element method and can be used to simulate a wide range of fluid flows, including heat and mass transfer effects.
[23-25] investigated dispersive and distributive mixing in the kneading region of TSEs using commercially available flow analysis software (FIDAP) and demonstrated that the shear stresses that develop during distributive mixing and elongational flow components are important.
Hardware: PC or Unix workstation with the Fluent or Fidap flow modeling software.
Icepak's CFD solver employs the same computational engine used in FDI's general-purpose FIDAP system, which was established more than 10 years ago and has more than 600 worldwide licenses.
Two such commercial packages have seen use in a plastics setting: Fidap from Fluid Dynamics Inc.
A key feature of Revision 6.0 of FIDAP, a finite element program for the analysis of incompressible viscous fluid flow with heat and mass transfer, is a new technique for solving flow equations.
2) have been solved for a power law fluid by using the computational fluid dynamics package FIDAP (
Steel is using Fluid Dynamics Analysis Package (FIDAP) software developed by