FIDARFonds Interministériel de Développement et d'Aménagement Rural (French: Interministerial Development Fund and Rural Development)
FIDARFutures In Drug Abuse Research (journal)
FIDARFree Induction Decay Amplitude Recovery
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"For over 150 years, the two villages of Fidar and Bshtlida separated by a bit over 3 kilometers issued joint documents because they were both very small.
The quartet "Non ti fidar, o misera" sequences through three meters: settenario, decasillabo, ottonario.
Detailing the crime, the ISF said the victim had been found on June 12 in Jbeil's Fidar area, locked inside her own bathroom.
Beethoven copied passages from several Mozart works, including "Non ti fidar, o misero" and part of the act 1 trio from Don Giovanni, and the Fugue for Two Pianos in C Minor, K.
Imad's BMW burst into flames on the Fidar highway, trapping him inside.
Issam Bassil, the mayor of Fidar, said furniture and other contents of the house were overturned by the intruders, but no items were reported stolen.
The killer had even attended the victim's funeral in Jbeil's Fidar where he sat with Chbeir's family members.
A resident of the Jbeil town of Fidar, Shbeir went missing Wednesday night after borrowing a friend's car to go for a drive.
Also, blazes that broke out in the Fidar valley, in the village of Mistita, destroyed