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Michele Aaron and Eve Sicular have written about Picon's drag roles in Yiddish film, particularly in the 1937 Yidl mitn Fidl, which was made in Poland but received wide distribution in the United States.
LDL cholesterol declined by 49% and FIDL cholesterol increased by 8% in patients taking rosuvastatin during the 2-year study.
The latter performed in the highly popular Yiddish film Yidle Mitn Fidl (in Yiddish: "Jew with the Fiddle"), directed by Joseph Green and Jan Nowina-Przybylski in Poland in 1936.
The FIDL grouping of high school students said they want to keep pressure on President Jacques Chirac while his government decides how to replace the law, which made it easier for companies to hire and fire youths.
The director Joseph Green, following the unexpected success of an Italian film dubbed into Yiddish in Montreal returned to Europe and made four internationally successful Yiddish-language films in Poland (Yidl mitn Fidl / Yiddle with a Fiddle [1936], Purimshipiler / The Jester [1937], Mamele/Little Mother [1938], and a remake of A Brivele der Mamen / A Letter to Mama [1939]).
Elman came out on the stage, a short, bald, fat Yidl mit a fidl and played his heart out.
And for a holiday gift rich in Hebrew heritage, try Fidl (Traditional Crossroads), by the KIezmatics' lesbian violinist, Alicia Svigals.
Having said this, though, I can only admit that the line of text burned into my memory is dialogue from the narrative itself: "Shlep nur aroys fun der fidl yidishe kishkes."
Le Medef veut en consequence quitter la table des negociations si [beaucoup moins que] rien ne bouge [beaucoup plus grand que] dans le sens d'un retour a l'esprit initial du projet de loi, toujours conteste par l'intersyndicale (CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires, Unef, Fidl, UNL), relancant l'action unitaire entamee en mars (les 9 et 31) et reeditee en avril (les 9 et 28).
(d) Adjusted for age, sex, hypertension, diabetes, body-mass Index, smoking, log-UACR, and FIDL cholesterol.
However, viewers will enjoy the smattering of clips from some of the most important Yiddish films, including A Brivele der Marren, Der Dibek, and Yidl mitn Fidl. One highlight of the documentary is the less than flattering commentary about Edgar Ulmer, director of the very successful Grine Felder (1937), from actors who had been in his films.
She recently released her debut solo CD, "Fidl," on the Traditional Crossroads label.