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FIDOFacts, Issues, Decision, Opinion (legal analysis mnemonic)
FIDOFast Identity Online (security alliance)
FIDOFlight Dynamics Officer
FIDOFine Dog
FIDOFog, Intensive Dispersal Of (aviation pipe network)
FIDOField Integrated Design and Operations (NASA)
FIDOFree Inmate Dog Obedience (Hamilton, Ohio)
FIDOFog Investigation & Dispersal Operation
FIDOFilter Device Object
FIDOFunctional Device Object (Microsoft Windows drivers)
FIDOForget It, Drive On (polite form)
FIDOFlight Inspection District Office
FIDOFreaks, Irregulars, Defects, Oddities (coin collecting)
FIDOFace Information Digested On-Line (Mining)
FIDOFilm in Digital Out (Kodak's first digital film format)
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Fido has been bitten a number of times by snappy dogs that really ought to be better supervised.
Michael Barrett, President of the FIDO Alliance said in an interview to USA Today.
Of course, a passer-by may not be too inclined to listen to the dog's ear if Fido was a rotweiller, but you get the idea.
FIDO DIDO is the star of new international 7up campaign Cairo, 18th March, 2019 -- #FEELSGOODTOBEYOU -- Two pop culture icons reunite once again: 7UPA, the refreshing lemon-lime beverage, is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year with it's star, the witty, wriggly-haired Fido Dido.
Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside (FIDO), an organization focused on improving the well-being of dogs, said that they were not satisfied with the outcome of the case.
To get rid of passwords, Unadkat said that they have tied up with Fido Alliance to get rid of passwords as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox have already become Fido compliant.
Their leashes and strollers can guarantee the safety of your Fido. It's a lot safer and enjoyable to be with your Fido if the leash is made safe and secured for your pet.
For these reasons, Microsoft has been leading the charge towards a world without passwords, with innovations like Windows Hello biometrics and pioneering work with the FIDO Alliance to create an open standard for passwordless authentication - Web Authentication," Angelo Liao, Program Manager, Microsoft Edge and Ibrahim Damlaj, Program Manager, Windows Security, wrote in a blog
OneSpan announced a partnership with Nok Nok Labs that enables any mobile or online application to comply universally with FIDO standards including FIDO UAF and FIDO2.
A new FIDO 2.0-based authentication solution combines HID's expertise in authentication with Microsoft's expertise to add an extra layer of security to protect against more severe, emerging threats.