FIEGFederação das Indústrias do Estado de Goiás (Portuguese: Federation of Industries of the State of Goiás; Goiás, Brazil)
FIEGFederazione Italiana Editori Giornali
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The Federation of Industries of Goias (FIEG) is an institutional partner of several incubators in Goias, acting as a relevant agent that integrates the productive sector with innovation environments, contributing for incubators to be more active in the development of products and services originated in regional industries and business companies.
In addition, a growing body of research explores the characteristics of the Thai culture and related organizational and business practices and relationships (e.g., Fieg, 1989; Keyes, 1987; Komin, 1995; Raynolds, 1987; Garrett, 1986; Textor, Bhansoon Ladavalya, & Prabudhanitisarn, 1984).
Fieg (1989) has observed that the Thai people have a capacity to grasp intuitively the emotional intricacies involved in any particular situation.
Fieg (1989) described the Thai organization as a vertical structural system in which there must be an unbroken upward flow of documents and approval.
The other prominent vendors of the market include Applied Wireless Identification Group, ThingMagic, Datalogic, RF Ideas, TSL, CAEN RFID, Cipher Lab, Fieg Electronics, Unitech, GAO RFID, and Mojix.
Moreover, according to Alla Federazione Italiana Editori Giornali (FIEG), the national federation of newspaper and magazine publishers, newspaper advertising plummeted by 14.3 percent last year, making it the worst year for Italian broadsheets in two decades.
In an "open letter to the government," FIEG demanded that Rome enact "radical reforms" to save the newspaper business and to "prevent the expansion of new media from threatening traditional outlets".