FIEJFestival International de l'Enfance et de la Jeunesse (French: International Festival for Children and Youth; Belgium)
FIEJFederation Internationale des Editeurs de Journaux et Publications (now World Association of Newspapers)
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The FIEJ report showed that in India daily circulation rose 9.
Most of the newspapers in Eastern Europe also "slipped badly," according to the FIEJ report.
Contact: FIEJ, 25 rue d'Astorg, 75008, Paris, France; 47.
told newspaper publishers from around the world at the recent Paris meeting of FIEJ that part of his strategy at the Star Tribune in Minneapolis has been to strengthen the core newspaper and "ask readers to pay more, over time, for a more appealing newspaper.
In this discussion it may be pertinent - it is certainly thought provoking -- that a FIEJ worldwide survey reveals that on average in 85% of a U.
In a formal resolution adopted at its closing session May 31, FIEJ declared that not only readers, but democracy, will be the immediate losers and warned that the newsprint mills will inevitably suffer, as well.
In his annual report on the condition of the world press, Timothy Balding, director general of FIEJ, reported dismal figures for circulation and advertising revenues in most countries.