FIEJFestival International de l'Enfance et de la Jeunesse (French: International Festival for Children and Youth; Belgium)
FIEJFederation Internationale des Editeurs de Journaux et Publications (now World Association of Newspapers)
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The proposal was especially shocking, Low says, because the council had funded numerous FIEJ training workshops for Eastern European journalists.
"Not only were sales down again in 24 of the 38 countries for which we have data, but the rate of decline, particularly in Europe and the United States, increased last year," said FIEJ director general, Timothy Balding.
Detroit, and financed by FIEJ. It was presented to the more than 200 executives at the conference by Leo Bogart and Juan Antonio Giner, who did the research.
The world association of Newspapers (FIEJ) is calling on all media to observe World Press Freedom on May 3.
Timothy Balding general director of FIEJ which represents press groups in 53 countries and has membership in 73 countries led off explaining how FIEJ was seeking to expand its membership in Latin America.
"FIEJ has a fundamental role to play in facilitating the future of this industry both in the developed and in developing worlds," he noted.
The importance of supporting press freedom around the world also was stressed by Sirotsky's predecessor as FIEJ president, K.
Thus, International Federation of Newspaper Publishers (FIEJ) director general Timothy Balding aptly titled his remarks to the 49th World Newspaper Congress in Washington, D.C.," A Tale of TwoWorlds."
The FIEJ report showed that in India daily circulation rose 9.6% between 1994 and 1994 and 1995; in Malaysia it was up 4%; and daily circulation in Brazil showed an 11% gain.
Cox, president and CEO of Cowles Media Co., told newspaper publishers from around the world at the recent Paris meeting of FIEJ that part of his strategy at the Star Tribune in Minneapolis has been to strengthen the core newspaper and "ask readers to pay more, over time, for a more appealing newspaper."
In this discussion it may be pertinent - it is certainly thought provoking -- that a FIEJ worldwide survey reveals that on average in 85% of a U.S.
REPRESENTATIVES OF THE world's press from 53 countries attending the 48th World Newspaper Congress of the International Federation at News, paper Publishers (FIEJ) in Paris called "urgent attention to the drastic effects which a series of newsprint price increases are having on the economy of newspapers."