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FIERFast In-Situ Etch Rate (measurements)
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NAOMI MATTHEW: 1.30 Strath Gallant, 2.05 Down's Folly, 2.35 Award Winner, 3.10 Fier Normand (nb), 3.40 Geeveem, 4.15 Cardinal Spirit, 4.45 Bump In The Night.
Fier helped to start our highly successful, state-of-the-art catheterization lab program offering acute MI and elective coronary intervention.
Fier Normand looks capable of scoring another victory in the EBF RPSport "National Hunt" Novices' Hurdle over an extended two miles.
Jonjo O'Neill can strike with Fier Normand in the EBF "National Hunt" Novices' Hurdle at Stratford.
The European Investment Bank (EIB) announced on June 16 that it is lending euro 35 million for the rehabilitation and upgrading of a 70-kilometre section of road from Fier to Tepelene in Albania, a key element of the countrys north-south axis.
Nos eleves ont tres bien reussi durant ces dernieres annees et je suis tres fier d'eux.
Moreover, the 'toilette du texte' does not follow any of the standard methods: there are no diaereses to indicate hiatus (so monosyllabic fier 'proud' is not distinguished from disyllabic fier 'to trust'); tonic 'e's are supposed to be given acute accents, but no accents are placed on apres, proces, exces, as they should be, which means that the pronunciation of the final syllable cannot be distinguished from that of words like avecques.
In 1521 it has become: "the fierce shepherd [fier pastor] who came along behind them." The phrase "fier pastor" recalls Ugolino's first, explicitly cannibalistic, appearance: "la bocca sollevo dal fiero pasto" (he raised his mouth from the fierce meal; Inferno 33.1; emphasis added).