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FIESTAFast Imaging Employing Steady-state Acquisition (imaging sequence in magnetic resonance diagnostics)
FIESTAFormation Internationale en Epidémiologie et Statistique de Terrain Approfondies (French)
FIESTAFokker's Integrated Engineering System for Thermal Analysis (software suite for temperature calculation of spacecraft)
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This is why we are so happy that our participants took this chance to sign up for the Golden Fiesta Heart Healthy Camp,' said Carl Constantino, category marketing manager at NutriAsia.
Fiesta Mart serves customers from over 90 countries of origin.
En 1790, fecha en que el Real Convento de Jesus Maria gozaba de gran prestigio y riqueza, la abadesa sor Manuela Maria del Senor San Jose, se dio cuenta que la Real Audiencia de la ciudad no incluia en su tabla de festividades la fiesta del Santo Nino Perdido, la que gozaba de gran asistencia en el templo del convento, abierto al publico en actos tan importantes como este.
In early 2015, Fiesta was purchased by ACON, an international private equity investment firm.
And because of its size and style, a whole generation of racers, boys and girls, realised that, with a little bit of tweaking, the Fiesta would become something of a proverbial pocket rocket.
At any given time, Fiesta Dinnerware has only 15 colors in its spectrum.
000 people will be informed about the project and, thanks to the active involvement of a European Association of Municipalities, 3,000 local authorities will be informed about the project and from these, circa 30 local authorities will commit to replicate the FIESTA model
6-litre EcoBoost engine that powers the hot Fiesta ST is manufactured at the Bridgend in South Wales.
The test Fiesta sedan with the little engine averaged 34 mpg even when the driver wasn't driving to maximize mileage.
Her yaya (nanny) had asked to go home in May, and the reason was, you guessed it, the town fiesta.
She said: "When I was told I'd chosen the four millionth Fiesta I was totally shocked - it's not the sort of thing that normally happens to me.
In the UK, Ford sold almost 110,000 Fiesta models last year, confirming its position as the nation's most popular car every year since 2009.