FIETFestival International des Étoiles (French: International Festival of Stars; Congo)
FIETFellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (academic award; UK)
FIETFacultad Internacional de Educación Teológica (Spanish: International Faculty of Theological Education; Argentina)
FIETForearm Ischemic Exercise Test (muscle test)
FIETFederazione Italiana Energia Tachionica (Italian: Italian Federation of Tachyon Energy)
FIETFurniture Industry Environment Trust (est. 1998; UK)
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* Many business angels have prior industry experience themselves and therefore feel quite capable of assessing the market risks and so view the entrepreneur as the most potentially damaging contingency (Fiet, 1995a).
We are also grateful to James Fiet and two anonymous reviewers for their very thorough suggestions that have made this article much stronger.
Thus, some number of more traditional pedagogical approaches such as lectures, in-class exercises, exams, and so forth are generally also integrated into entrepreneurship programs and course offerings in order to establish an appropriate theoretical foundation (Fiet, 2001a).
Criticos, como Lowell Fiet, han dicho que casi nada se dice en la obra que describa el "color" o "raza" de Julia.
(24.) Fiet J, Giton F, Ibrahim F, Valleix A, Galons H, Raynaud JP.
Fiet and Patel (2008), for example, perform this kind of experiment, finding that preexisting specific knowledge plays an important role in the discovery of profitable ventures, whereas alertness by itself produces far less profitable ideas.
The Engineering Council has announced that Dave Hogan CEng FIET FInstLM has taken up the post of operations director from 12.
Fiet (1996) and Shane (2000) argue that prior knowledge may be obtained through organizational experience and can impact entrepreneurial entry processes by shaping one's discovery of opportunities.
in active learning or that participate in the control and mold the learning situation (Gorman et al, 1997; Fiet, 2000).
(2) refer to an extraction/chromatography RIA for testosterone described by Fiet et al.
The first meta-analysis is by Bae, Qian, Miao, and Fiet, and examines the relationship between entrepreneurship education and intentions ("The Relationship Between Entrepreneurship Education and Entrepreneurial Intentions: A Meta-Analytic Review").