FIETAForest Industries Education and Training Authority (South Africa)
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(80) For example, Associacao Comercial do Maranhao, Relatorio da Exposicao do Acucar e Algodao Fieta pela Associacao Comercial do Maranhao em 23 de Dezembro de 1883 (Sao Luis, 1884), 13; Commercial Association of Bahia and Imperial Bahian Institute of Agriculture to Brazilian Parliament, Salvador, 30 May 1884, Relatorio de 1885, 22-23, 26-29; Commercial Association of Rio de Janeiro to Baron Cotegipe, Rio de Janeiro, 19 Aug.
The object of the contract is the production of the different elements of communication and advertising of the communication campaign of the Fietas de La Merc 2018, with measures of sustainable public procurement
BIKRAM Karki and Aimee Fietas were crowned Mr and Mrs Elite 2010 out of 36 contestants who took part in the competition, hosted by Elite Grande Hotel.