FIFGFinancial Instrument for Fisheries Guidance
FIFGFederation for International FootGolf
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Gwynedd has been successful indeveloping an aquaculture and fisheries project and a project has been endorsed recently by the Partnership for FIFG (fisheries) funds.
Request relates to the construction, such as the operating contractor, manage the marina in Simrishamn according to the conditions and instructions contained in the FIFG.
Renovation work on the facade and roof and window replacement on Canal Street 7 in EslE[micro]v to EslE[micro]vs Bostad AB under the FIFG.
The extension means, in practice, that remaining FIFG funds can be allocated to such projects up until the end of 2006, and that the money will have to be spent before the end of 2008.
The extension of these derogations was agreed by the Council and the Commission during negotiations on the new European Fisheries Fund that will replace the FIFG and run from 2007-2013.
If one were to add up the funds, de-committed thus far under the 2000-2006 programme (commitments made between 2000 and 2002), only the ERDF has registered below-average withdrawals and yet again, FIFG funding would appear to be the hardest for member states to absorb: approximately 4.
Contract award: FS workplan + option on the construction documents including FIFG one roundabout and work + option on the construction documents including FIFG for two roundabouts, Halland County
The sector had been expecting emergency EU measures to confront an exceptional crisis: immediate aid for temporary cessation of activity for economic reasons, the bringing forward of certain measures within the current FIFG (Financial Instrument for Fisheries Guidance) framework,a an immediate increase in the de minimis threshold for aid, a special fishing register for the Community deep sea fleet, and immediate action at market level to counteract the social, fiscal, environmental and technical dumping practised by certain non-EU countries.
Following this, one Council official noted that the solution may have to come from provisional measures, which could include elements of the FIFG.
Other solutions include an immediate adjustment of the FIFG (Financial Instrument for Fisheries Guidance) to allow for EU investments encouraging energy savings, such as the replacing of existing engines by engines that are more efficient, and the conversion of vessels to other ways of fishing that are less energy-consuming.
One of the four EU Structural Funds, the current FIFG runs out at the end of 2006.