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FIFOFirst In, First Out
FIFOFestival International du Film Documentaire Océanien (French: Oceania International Documentary Film Festival)
FIFOFirst in First Out
FIFOFestival International Folklorique d'Octodure (French: Octodure International Folk Festival; Switzerland)
FIFOFestival International du Film Ornithologique (French: Ornithological International Film Festival)
FIFOFly in Fly Out (mining)
FIFOFade in Fade Out
FIFOFree in Free Out (shipping)
FIFOField Inspection Field Office
FIFOFlight Inspection Field Office(s) (FAA)
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Importante ressaltar tambem que, iniciando o processo com a utilizacao de uma solucao que obedece a regra de despacho FIFO, o algoritmo encontrou um numero maior de vezes a solucao otima em relacao as regras FIFO+SPT e FIFO+LPT com um tempo de processamento, se nao igual, muito proximo.
Despite this, Taylor and Simmonds (2009)found that FIFO mining families were generally satisfied with their relationships and lifestyle.
The phenomenon of FIFO or long distance commuting to remote worksites can trace its origins to the off shore oil activities in the Gulf of Mexico in the 1950s (Gramling, 1995).
Excluding special items and LIFO, adjusted FIFO operating profit rose 4.7% to $2.44 billion.
If a C corporation used the FIFO method prior to an S conversion, the S corporation would recognize built-in gain as it disposes of the inventory on hand at the conversion date.
Alongside this research is an additional body of work that has examined FIFO work through the lens of psychology and has drawn attention to the emotional demands this work has upon not only employees, but their partners and children as well (for example, Watts 2004; Kaczmarek & Sibbel 2008; Pirotta 2009; Taylor & Simmonds 2009).
It said there was a growing use of FIFO workers who worked far from their homes and spent long periods away from their families, a situation that could cause discontent and frustration.
We assume that the simulation system consists of n number of LPs where each LP maintains one FIFO queue per neighboring LPs that stores the corresponding incoming event-messages.
Our invited speaker had my attention, and got even more of it as he summed up why the FIFO to LIFO change was so impactful:
* A change from LIFO to FIFO typically would increase inventory and, for both tax and financial reporting purposes, income for the year or years the adjustment is made.
AFPC processes fill actions on a First In, First Out (FIFO) basis.