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FIFOFirst In, First Out
FIFOFestival International du Film Documentaire Océanien (French: Oceania International Documentary Film Festival)
FIFOFirst in First Out
FIFOFestival International Folklorique d'Octodure (French: Octodure International Folk Festival; Switzerland)
FIFOFestival International du Film Ornithologique (French: Ornithological International Film Festival)
FIFOFly in Fly Out (mining)
FIFOFade in Fade Out
FIFOFree in Free Out (shipping)
FIFOField Inspection Field Office
FIFOFlight Inspection Field Office(s) (FAA)
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To encourage health professionals to work in rural and remote areas, adopting the FIFO model has been suggested as a means to overcome the challenges associated with attracting and retaining rural health staff (Margolis 2012).
The phenomenon of FIFO or long distance commuting to remote worksites can trace its origins to the off shore oil activities in the Gulf of Mexico in the 1950s (Gramling, 1995).
In light of this shortcoming, this paper examines mining families' use of a website, Mining Family Matters, as a way to explore the emotional dimensions of FIFO work through a social constructionist lens.
7 million in the 2007 span, while adjusted FIFO EBITDA jumped 20.
Other studies include Dopuch and Pincus (1988), which examined the differences in accounting numbers and accounting ratios of users of LIFO and FIFO methods.
Despite its popularity, FIFO produces shortcomings in financial statements.
In a world of rising prices, FIFO produces a lower cost of goods sold or cost of sales and a lower inventory valuation.
We show that this is indeed the case for the combination of crash failures and links that can lose messages (unreliable FIFO links).
Without considering urgent components, the FCFS rule has minimum average waiting time compared to the other two rules, SPT and FIFO (Table I).
Systems with little or no growth or member turnover may be able to continue to use FIFO because most members will have received service for long periods of time and will remain as active members when they receive their FIFO retirement check.
No FIFO ordering rule may be implied in the bargain sale rules.