FIGASFalkland Islands Government Air Service
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Figas and others [20] studied eight tomato cultivars and found that the ranges for total lycopene and [beta]-carotene were 0.011-0.098g[kg.sup.-1] FW and 0.004-0.022g[kg.sup.-1] FW, respectively.
a vitalidade da fe Africalegremente oculta no elan dos ritos, nas figas de marfim, nas perolas, nos buzios e nos blues.
The prize was a guided tour from island to island, in a bright red, twin-engined plane, belonging to the Falkland Islands Government Air Service (FIGAS).
Aunque la practica de la rama femenil de este deporte en Mexico se remonta a principios de los 80, no fue sino hasta hace 3 anos cuando el numero de aficionadas se incremento significativamente: hoy existen 2 figas, la Asociacion juvenil de Futbol Americano Femenil, AC, con casi 30 equipos; y la Conferencia Nacional, con 8 mas.
"Buy a figa?" He handed me a two inch long carved wooden fist, thumb protruding between index and middle finger.
As we got back into his car, Pedro explained, "In Candomble, the figa is a small unit of safety."